James Noble, Chief Executive Officer

James Noble

James Noble has served as our full-time Chief Executive Officer since March 2014 and part-time CEO from July 2008 to March 2014 and is our co-founder. From July 2008 until March 2014, Mr. Noble was also part-time CEO of Immunocore. Mr. Noble has 24 years of experience in the biotech industry.

He has held numerous non-executive director positions, including at CuraGen Corporation, PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc, Oxford GlycoSciences plc, MediGene AG, and Advanced Medical Solutions plc. Mr. Noble is also Deputy Chairman of GW Pharmaceuticals plc and a non-executive director of Immunocore Limited.

Mr. Noble is qualified as a chartered accountant with Pricewaterhouse Coopers and spent seven years at the investment bank Kleinwort Benson Limited, where he became a director in 1990. He then joined British Biotech plc as Chief Financial Officer from 1990 to 1997. Mr. Noble was previously Chief Executive Officer of Avidex Limited, a privately held biotechnology company that was our predecessor, from 2000 to 2006. Mr. Noble holds an MA from the University of Oxford.

Bent Jakobsen, PhD, Scientific Co-Founder

Bent Jakobsen

Dr. Bent Jakobsen founded Avidex, the predecessor company to Adaptimmune, in March 1999. As our scientific co-founder, he provides strategic and advisory input and oversight of our research programmes.

Dr. Jakobsen founded Avidex whilst he was at the Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford, where he was Head of the Immune Receptor Group from 1993 to July 2000. This group is recognised as one of the leading international laboratories in molecular immunology and is a world leader in recombinant immune receptor technology. Prior to this, he was a Senior Research Fellow of the Danish Natural Research Council, Aarhus, Denmark. This followed three years as a Post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of the Medical Research Council in Cambridge. Dr. Jakobsen was formerly CSO of Adaptimmune since its inception as a spin-out of MediGene in 2008.

Helen Tayton-Martin, PhD, MBA, Chief Operating Officer

Helen Tayton-Martin

Dr. Helen Tayton-Martin has served as our Chief Operating Officer since July 2008. With a PhD in molecular immunology and an MBA from London Business School, she has 23 years of experience working within the pharma, biotech and consulting environment in disciplines across preclinical and clinical development, outsourcing, strategic planning, due diligence and business development.

Dr. Tayton-Martin joined Adaptimmune from Avidex Limited (subsequently MediGene) where she was responsible for commercial development of the soluble TCR programme in cancer and HIV therapy from 2005 to 2008. Dr. Tayton-Martin is responsible for our research and development planning oversight and business development and commercial activities, including our strategic partnership with GSK.

Rafael Amado, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Rafael Amado

Dr. Amado has served as our Chief Medical Officer since March 2015 and has 12 years of experience within the biotech and pharma industries. Dr. Amado leads our clinical strategy and is responsible for our clinical trials across the U.S. and Europe under our strategic collaboration with GSK, as well as leading the development of our pipeline of wholly-owned research programs. He formerly served as Senior Vice President and Head of Oncology R&D at GSK, where he was responsible for integrating oncology R&D activities, from drug target identification to clinical development and registration globally.

Dr. Amado joined GSK in 2008 as Vice President of Clinical Development, and served in positions of increasing responsibility, including Senior Vice President and Head of Oncology Clinical Development. He oversaw the development and registration globally of over 15 novel indications across six products and led the development of a pipeline of products in novel areas of cancer biology. Prior to joining GSK, Dr. Amado was Executive Director of Therapeutic Oncology at Amgen from 2003 to 2008 where he was responsible for development activities of several assets. Dr. Amado trained as a Hematologist/Oncologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he remained as faculty for eight years until joining Amgen in 2003. He holds an M.D. from the University of Seville School of Medicine, and performed his residency in Internal Medicine at Michael Reese Hospital, a University of Chicago Affiliated Hospital, and his fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Adrian Rawcliffe, Chief Financial Officer

Adrian Rawcliffe

Mr. Rawcliffe has served as our Chief Financial Officer since March 2015 and leads our financial strategy, management and operations functions including compliance and risk management. He has 17 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry and most recently served as Senior Vice President, Finance of GSK’s North American Pharmaceuticals business.

Mr. Rawcliffe joined GSK in 1998 and his other senior roles at the company included Senior Vice President Worldwide Business Development and R&D Finance, where he was responsible for all business development and finance activities for GSK’s Pharmaceuticals R&D business and Managing Partner and President of SR One Ltd, GSK’s venture-capital business. Mr. Rawcliffe qualified as a chartered accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and holds a B.Sc. degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Durham, UK.

Gwendolyn Binder-Scholl, PhD, Executive Vice-President Adaptimmune LLC

Gwen Binder-Scholl

Dr. Gwendolyn Binder-Scholl has served as the Executive Vice-President of Adaptimmune LLC since 2012 and formerly as our Vice President of Operations since March 2011. Dr. Binder-Scholl heads our clinical and regulatory development efforts in the United States. Dr. Binder-Scholl is responsible for driving all aspects of Adaptimmune LLC including its ongoing clinical trials in cancer and its development planning and implementation. She is a biochemistry and molecular biology graduate of Wells College with a PhD in cellular and molecular medicine from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Binder-Scholl has 14 years of industry and academic experience in cellular and gene therapy translational research and development, with prior roles including Director of Translational Research Operations at the University of Pennsylvania from 2006 to 2011 and Director of Scientific Affairs at Virxsys Corporation