James Noble MA FCA, Chief Executive Officer

James Noble

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Bent Jakobsen PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Bent Jakobsen

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Helen Tayton-Martin PhD MBA, Chief Operating Officer

Helen Tayton-Martin

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Gwen Binder-Scholl PhD, Executive Vice President

Gwen Binder-Scholl

Gwendolyn Binder-Scholl is responsible for driving all aspects of Adaptimmune LLC including its ongoing clinical trials in HIV and cancer and strategic development planning. She is a biochemistry and molecular biology graduate of Wells College, New York with a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Gwen has extensive industry and academic experience in cellular and gene therapy translational research and development, joining Adaptimmune as a former Director of Translational Research Operations at the University of Pennsylvania and prior to that Director of Scientific Affairs at Virxsys Corporation.

Dan Williams PhD, Head of Translational Development

Dan Williams

Dan Williams is responsible for translation of development candidates from research through development and into early phase clinical studies. He also has oversight of Adaptimmune’s clinical trials in the UK and EU. He is a Biochemistry and Physiology graduate and gained his PhD from the Division of Molecular Physiology at the University of Dundee. Dan has 10 years of experience discovery, optimisation and translation of T cell receptors as therapeutic agents gained at Avidex Ltd., Medigene Ltd. and Immunocore Ltd. prior to joining Adaptimmune Ltd.