May 2, 2019

Jo Brewer summarizes the allogeneic platform data she presented at ASGCT 2019

Joanna Brewer

Dr. Jo Brewer, Adaptimmune’s VP of Allogeneic Research, gave an oral presentation highlighting the most recent data from our allogeneic SPEAR T-cell or “off-the-shelf” platform at the annual American Cell & Gene Therapy conference in Washington DC ( In the video below, Jo provides an overview of these data.

Jo explains that her team can take stem cells and push them down a path that produces T-cells in a dish. One element that T-cells require is a 3D architecture made up of specialized stroma cells. One approach that others take is to use “foreign” stroma cell lines to provide this element, but Jo explains that her team can make stem cells grow their own stroma, which may eliminate a potential source of contamination. In addition, the Adaptimmune process does not require human serum – which is often used to provide growth factors and other elements. Human serum, like “foreign” stroma lines, can be variable and could also be a source of potential contamination as these cells progress to the clinic.

Jo goes on to describe how her team has cleared a major hurdle by introducing one of Adaptimmune’s SPEAR TCRs into these stem-cell-derived T-cells demonstrating that these cells become activated when exposed to a specific cancer target in vitro.

The true test of these cells will be in the clinic, but Jo and her team have made tremendous progress.