May 3, 2019

Jo Brewer talks about our off-the-shelf SPEAR T-cell program

Joanna Brewer

Dr. Jo Brewer, Adaptimmune’s VP of Allogeneic Research, gave an oral presentation highlighting the tremendous progress we have made with our allogeneic SPEAR T-cell or “off-the-shelf” platform at the annual American Cell & Gene Therapy conference in Washington DC ( In the video below, Jo explains the history and growth of our “off-the-shelf” program and provides an overview of the impact this platform could have for our patients and cell therapy as a whole.

At Adaptimmune, our mission is to develop novel immuno-therapies for cancer patients, and we have several products being tested in the clinic. These therapies rely on taking T-cells from a cancer patient to genetically engineer them to attack their cancer tumors. Jo explains that what we want to do with an “off-the-shelf” product is eliminate the need to harvest a patient’s own cells. This could cut down on the time needed to get patients’ cells and would also eliminate variability that occurs from patient to patient when using each individual’s own cells.

Having this technology in place in combination with our ability to engineer T-cells to fight cancer would be a huge step forward for us and would enable Adaptimmune to serve more patients more quickly.