Two Webinars for Patients

We supported two webinars for patients, as well as their families and friends:

The first one is about talking about immunotherapy with your oncologist.

The second one is about how T-cell therapy can fight cancer.

Wear White Day

On June 15th, Adaptimmune staff across our US and UK sites proudly donned white t-shirts in honor of Cancer Immunotherapy Month. Check out the Cancer Research Center website to learn more about this important initiative and to find out what you can do to support the CRI.

White has been chosen for that day as it…

  • … represents your immune system's cancer-fighting white blood cells (lymphocytes),
  • … symbolizes the lab coats worn by the scientists and clinicians working to find the cures for cancer,
  • … is the color of all cancer awareness ribbons combined, as immunotherapy has the potential to treat all types of cancer.

Catapult office in Stevenage, UK

Navy Yard headquarters in Philadelphia, PA

Milton Park headquarters in Oxford, England

Our Research teams at an off-site meeting