Useful Words


A type of treatment that boosts your body's own ability to attack and destroy cancer cells.

SPEAR T-cells

An investigational immunotherapy made from T-cells (a type of white blood cells), which are a part of your body's own immune system. SPEAR T-cells are designed to seek out cancer cells.


A procedure used to remove white blood cells. Blood is taken from your vein and passed through a machine, which removes the white blood cells. The rest of the blood is returned to your body.


A treatment that kills cells or stops them from dividing. In Adaptimmune's trials, chemotherapy is used to reduce the number of regular T-cells in your body, to make room for the SPEAR T-cells.

IV line

An IV (intravenous) line is a flexible plastic tube that goes through the skin into your bloodstream. It is used to take blood and to give you treatments into the bloodstream.