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ADP-A2M4 Multiple Tumor Clinical Trial

This is a Phase I, open label, dose escalation clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety and anti-tumor activity of Adaptimmune's ADP-A2M4 therapeutic candidate in patients who are HLA-A*02 positive and have inoperable locally advanced or metastatic melanoma, urothelial, head and neck, ovarian, non-small cell lung, esophageal, synovial sarcoma, Myxoid Round Cell Liposarcoma (MRCLS), and gastric cancers expressing MAGE-A4. The primary objective of the clinical trial is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of MAGE-A4 SPEAR T-cell therapy. Further details are available via the link below.

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Please visit our Publications page for more information on ADP-A2M4 (MAGE-A4)

Multiple Solid Tumors Clinical Trial

To learn more about the cancers targeted in the ADP-A2M4 (MAGE-A4) clinical trial, please visit the Cancer Information page or click the links below.