Why work for us?

Why work for us?

Our Vision

Arming Cells. Against Cancer. For Good.

Our Mission

To Transform the Lives of People with Cancer by Designing and Delivering Cell Therapies

As a leader in T-cell therapy, we are at the forefront of immunotherapy research, and offer exciting career opportunities for those eager to join us and share in our passion for patients.

We’re at the forefront of immunotherapy research

Fifteen years ago, Adaptimmune scientists began to uncover the mysteries behind how immune cells recognize human disease. Today, the company has applied this expertise to build a superior proprietary T-cell engineering platform that enables the company to overcome common challenges of reprogramming the immune system to reverse disease processes. Adaptimmune is now at the forefront of transforming immunotherapy and developing a broad pipeline of optimized engineered T-cell therapies to treat cancer and other serious conditions.

What’s it like working for us?

The passion we have for the patients in our clinical trials, our drive to succeed and our desire to make a difference is what makes working for Adaptimmune different. Every employee matters and each of us play a vital role in contributing to our mission every day.

We are a global family of diverse and talented individuals, united in our desire to transform the lives of people with cancer.

Immunotherapy is an innovative, challenging environment and we rise to that challenge. If you are looking for a pioneering company with an inspiring purpose, where your success is driven by your achievements and contribution, then Adaptimmune is the company for you.

We offer rewarding careers, with opportunities for development and unlocking your potential as part of a friendly and professional team. We are proud of what we have built and excited for our future. We would love to welcome you to our team.

Who are we?

Our culture - it’s who we are, how we behave and what we believe.


We value each other’s experience and views
We trust and respect each other as colleagues
We do not blame other people
We act with integrity


We are open-minded to different ways of doing things
We try, knowing not everything will succeed and we don’t have all the answers
We ensure quality is not compromised
We are comfortable with calculated risk


We recognize that all functions contribute to our success
We are accountable, working together as one team
We share our successes and failures/challenges
We pro-actively share information and listen to others’ ideas


We pro-actively seek out and propose solutions
We have an underlying drive to succeed
We take the time needed to solve things properly and with input from the right stakeholders
We ensure there is a sense of urgency


We are open and honest, acting with integrity
We all have a voice and can speak up
We are up front when errors or mistakes have been made
We listen to understand what people are saying

What do we offer?

We offer a comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits package with a philosophy of rewarding performance. An overview of everything we offer is outlined below.

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Medical and Dental Plans

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Paid Holidays

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Social Activities

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Family Leave

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Training and Development

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“I’m excited for the next wave of growth in our company which will be driven by our proprietary platform, next-gen products, and R&D efforts.”

Jaimin Shah
Deputy General Counsel, Legal

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“There are lots of things I like about working at Adaptimmune! I love the people that I have met – some lifelong friends. It makes a real difference coming in every morning and seeing friendly faces, and working as part of a fun and helpful team.”

Vicki Jefferson
Scientist, Cell Pipeline & Preclinical

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“What makes Adaptimmune unique is that we are on the forefront of pioneer science, making a difference in cancer patients’ lives on a daily basis.”

Bill Bertrand
Chief Operating Officer

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Working at Adaptimmune is not a career, it’s a purpose. I am surrounded by intelligent and inspiring individuals working towards the same goal, in an environment that not only allows me to learn and grow, but also feel appreciated for my contributions.”

Cat Brandon
Senior Executive Assistant

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“Being at Adaptimmune means you’re part of an amazing diverse family, all working together to make meaningful differences to patients’ lives. I take pride in contributing to this purpose alongside so many other talented, friendly and motivated colleagues.”

Dan Lowther
Director, Enterprise Data and Analytics

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“The best thing about working at Adaptimmune is collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to bring hope and the promise of a novel TCR T-cell therapy to people with cancer who currently have limited treatment options for their disease. “

Kimberly Freeman
VP, Commercial Planning

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“The positive clinical data, the constant innovation and search for solutions to improve our technology brings excitement to this ever adapting company's future.”

Joao Vieira
Group Leader, Protein Science

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“I find the opportunity to contribute to such an important area, in a company focused on transforming the lives of people with cancer, to be professionally motivating and personally rewarding.”

Ann Mellott
Environmental Health and Safety Manager

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"Adaptimmune has a willingness to listen and be open about ideas to improve the work experience for their employees. Adaptimmune’s investment in the individual employee motivates me to invest more of myself into the company. "

Jeremy Miles
QCAST Associate, Quality Control

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“One of the things I like about Adaptimmune is the company ethos and also the openness and ability to develop outside of your role to expand knowledge and confidence.”

Phillipa Casbon
Corporate EA & UK Support Team Leader

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“We have one of the best teams in the industry. Developing cell therapies for treatment of solid tumors is not an easy trail to blaze, but we have the determination and expertise to succeed. That will make a big difference for cancer patients who have few alternative treatment options.”

Paul Stead
VP, Business Development

Candidate notice

Please review the Adaptimmune Privacy Notice and consent form prior to submitting your application.

If you do not agree to the Privacy Notice please do not submit your details to Adaptimmune or apply for a role with us.   

Please ensure you answer the consent question within the application.  If you do not consent to your details being stored we will need to delete your details from the system and will not be able to progress your application. 

Your Consent

By continuing with and submitting your application, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. You have read and understood the statements made in the consent form and the ways in which your personal data will be stored and processed;
  2. To the storing and processing of your personal information by Adaptimmune, members of the Adaptimmune group of companies and third parties working on behalf of Adaptimmune as set out in the consent form:
  3. To the storing and processing of your personal information outside of the European Union and to the transfer of personal information between the EU and the United States;
  4. To the storing of personal information for the periods set out in the Privacy Notice;
  5. You understand that you can withdraw your consent at any time.

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