Our Manufacturing process at Adaptimmune.

We are enhancing the body’s natural immune defenses to specifically target solid tumor cancers by optimizing the binding of T-cells and their receptors such that they can recognize cancer cells and clear them from the body.

Once we have affinity-enhanced a TCR, we can deliver it to patients through a robust and commercialized manufacturing process. To manufacture our TCR therapeutic candidates, we collect blood cells from the person with cancer using a process called leukapheresis. CD4 (helper T-cells) and CD8 (cytotoxic T-cells) cells are isolated from the white blood cells. We then deliver the genes encoding the affinity-enhanced TCRs to the T-cells.

These affinity enhanced T-cells are then expanded, concentrated and frozen until the patient is ready to receive them.

We continue to make a number of enhancements to the vector and cell processing as we further develop our TCR therapeutic candidates. We are investing substantially in a manufacturing process that we believe is efficient and commercially scalable.