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We are enrolling patients in our clinical trials with two SPEAR T-cells therapies (afamicel and ADP-A2M4CD8) in multiple solid tumor indications. The purpose of this section is to serve as an introduction for patients who might be interested in our current trials. Below is a list of the trials we are conducting with links to the pages, where you can find more details about each trial including participating clinical trial sites.

In each section, you will also find information about the various cancer types we are investigating, and details about participating in our trials.

In general, patients obtain access to investigational therapies prior to regulatory approval by participating in clinical trials. There may, however, be circumstances when patients with a serious or life-threatening illness have exhausted all available treatment options and are not eligible to participate in any appropriate clinical trials. In those cases, patients may be eligible for treatment with an investigational therapy through programs referred to as ‘Expanded Access Programs’ (EAPs) or ‘compassionate use’. Click here to read about our policy.

For more details on the technology, development, and product pipeline, please visit the corresponding pages on our site.

For patient inquiries, please contact

Discuss with your doctor whether participating in a clinical trial is right for you.

SPEARHEAD-1 (afamitresgene autoleucel ‘afami-cel’; formerly ADP-A2M4)

This is a Phase 2, open-label, single arm clinical trial to evaluate the anti-tumor activity of ADP-A2M4 SPEAR T-cells in patients who are HLA-A*02 positive and have inoperable locally advanced synovial sarcoma or myxoid/round cell liposarcoma (MRCLS) expressing MAGE-A4. Enrollment for Cohort 1 is now closed, enrolment of Cohort 2 is still open.

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This is a Phase 1, open-label, dose escalation clinical trial to evaluate the safety and anti-tumor activity of next-generation ADP-A2M4CD8 SPEAR T-cells in patients who are HLA-A*02 positive and have inoperable locally advanced urothelial, ovarian, esophageal, esophagogastric junction, gastric, non-small cell lung (NSCLC), or head and neck cancers, expressing MAGE-A4.

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This is a phase 2, open-label, randomized, non-comparative clinical trial to evaluate the clinical outcome of ADP A2M4CD8 as monotherapy and in combination treatment with nivolumab in human leukocyte antigen (HLA) A2+ subjects with recurrent ovarian cancer positive for MAGE-A4.

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afami-cel Phase 1 clinical trial

This was a Phase 1, open-label, dose-escalation clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety and anti-tumor activity of afami-cel in patients who were HLA-A*02 positive and had inoperable locally advanced or metastatic melanoma, urothelial cancer, head and neck cancers, ovarian cancer, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), esophageal cancers, synovial sarcoma, myxoid/round cell liposarcoma (MRCLS), and gastric cancers expressing MAGE-A4. The primary objective of the clinical trial was to evaluate the safety and tolerability of afami-cel. Further details are available via the link below.

This trial is now closed for enrollment.

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SPEARHEAD-2 (afami-cel in combination with pembrolizumab)

This was a Phase 2, single arm clinical trial to investigate the efficacy and safety of afami-cel in combination with pembrolizumab in HLA-A*02 positive patients with recurrent or metastatic head and neck cancers expressing MAGE-A4. This trial is now closed for enrollment.

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In addition to the above trials, Adaptimmune continues to monitor patients previously enrolled in trials for which enrollment is now closed.