Leading the TCR T-Cell Therapy Space

Transforming cancer immunotherapy with affinity enhanced T-cell receptors.

Adaptimmune, a leader in T-cell therapy, has clinical trials ongoing for three wholly owned SPEAR T-cells (MAGE-A4, MAGE-A10 and AFP) in multiple solid tumor indications. The Company’s unique SPEAR (Specific Peptide Enhanced Affinity Receptor) T‑cell platform enables the engineering of T-cells to target and destroy cancer, including solid tumors. The foundation of our TCR therapies is the work we did with NY-ESO SPEAR T-cells, which we transitioned to GSK in 2018, showing responses in two solid tumors and treating more than 90 patients in six different indications.

We have generated a strong pipeline of affinity-enhanced T-cell therapies, with multiple INDs open. We use these therapies to harness the body's own immune system to find and destroy diseased cells.

Our SPEAR T-cell therapies offer promise to patients that often have no other options. We are working hard to make that promise a reality. Adaptimmune partners with industry leaders in all areas of its business.

Company History

  • 1993-1999

    TCR technology developed at Oxford University

  • 1999

    Avidex was formed on the basis of T cell receptor technology from Oxford University

  • 2006

    Avidex was acquired by Medigene

  • 2008

    Adaptimmune spun out as a virtual company with University of Penn collaboration

  • 2011-2014

    Adaptimmune establishes R&D infrastructure and delivers promising clinical data

  • 2014

    Strategic collaboration with GSK + $104m Series A Funding Round

  • 2015

    Adaptimmune IPO on NASDAQ raises $176 million.

  • 2016

    Breakthrough therapy designation and PRIME regulatory access for NY-ESO SPEAR T-cell therapy

    *NY-ESO program was transitioned to GSK in August 2018.

  • 2017

    Option exercise by GSK for exclusive license to NY-ESO SPEAR T-cell program
    Completion of public offering with net proceeds of $61,397,000