Center for Cancer Immune Therapy

We signed a collaboration with the Center for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT-DK - based in Copenhagen) in 2020. CCIT is one of the leading academic centers in Europe involved in researching tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapies. 

Our collaboration enables preclinical characterization, manufacture, and early clinical development of novel TIL products that are meaningfully differentiated from existing therapies, and which address unmet medical needs. Initially development will focus on IL7 TILs, before assessing other Adaptimmune next-gen technologies. The collaboration will also facilitate novel TCR and target discovery. 

The collaboration brings together Adaptimmune’s expertise within the field of next-generation cell therapy development, with CCIT’s expertise in TIL isolation, characterization, expansion and clinical execution, for development of novel TIL product candidates led by Dr Inge-Marie Svane.

CCIT and Adaptimmune will collaborate on preclinical characterization and development of selected next-gen TIL candidates. CCIT’s position as a clinical center of excellence for early signal finding studies within the proposed collaboration, will be coupled with Adaptimmune’s development and translational sciences capabilities to further characterize mechanisms of response and resistance. The first product to be evaluated in this collaboration will involve the transduction of TILs with a gene encoding the human cytokine IL7 (ADP-TILIL7).

The collaboration will also evaluate the TCRs and antigens responsible for T-cell activation and tumor regression, facilitating the potential identification of novel TCRs and targets.