Noile-Immune Biotech

Adaptimmune and Noile-Immune Developing SPEAR T-Cell Products expressing IL-7 and CCL19 as a Next-Generation Treatment for Cancer Patients

Adaptimmune is working with Noile-Immune Biotech Inc. to co-develop next‑generation SPEAR T-cell products, incorporating Noile-Immune’s PRIME (PRoliferation Inducing and Migration Enhancing) technology, based upon co-expression of the cytokine IL-7 and the chemokine CCL19. The PRIME technology, which is already being investigated for augmentation of CAR-T cell activity, will be investigated with Adaptimmune’s SPEAR T-cells, as part of its next-generation program.

This agreement with Noile-Immune will enable Adaptimmune to generate next‑generation SPEAR T‑cells secreting both IL-7 and CCL19, which may improve proliferation and trafficking into solid tumors of not only engineered SPEAR T-cells, but also the patient’s own T-cells. This increased T-cell proliferation and trafficking may enhance anti-tumor activity for cancer patients 

You can read the press release issued in August 2019 announcing the agreement.