Engagement with Patient Organizations

Adaptimmune is driven by a mission to transform the lives of people with cancer by designing and delivering cell therapies. Patient organizations play a key role in ensuring that patients have access to relevant information, care, support, and treatment. Understanding patients’ and caregivers’ needs is fundamental to designing and delivering innovative treatments.

In our engagement with patient organizations, we aim to:

  • gain insights from patients and caregivers
  • inform how we design and deliver our therapies
  • contribute to and support education and awareness initiatives
  • further their efforts to advocate for patients in the healthcare sector.


Adaptimmune follows the principles below to ensure that our relationships and interactions with patient organizations are transparent and effective.

  • Adaptimmune approaches all relationships with patient organizations with respect and transparency and with a focus on how those relationships benefit patients.
  • We respect the independence of patient organizations and do not attempt to influence the organizations’ activities to benefit Adaptimmune.
  • We do not require that we be the sole funder of a patient organization or any of its major programs and we seek to avoid situations where Adaptimmune provides more than 25% of an organization’s annual funding.
  • Adaptimmune ensures that all support is used for activities for which the primary purpose is professional, educational, or scientific in nature or otherwise advances patient access to effective care and treatment.
  • We do not promote our therapies to patient organizations nor do we ask them to support our therapies.
  • Adaptimmune does not seek to influence the text of patient organization material that we sponsor in a manner favorable to our own commercial interests.
  • We ensure that our relationships with patient organizations are in compliance with applicable laws and industry codes.

Our work with patient organizations is governed by our Patient Advocacy Partnership, Grants and Donations Committee, which includes senior leaders of the company. 

Each year, we will publish:

  • A list of patient organizations to which we provide financial support and/or significant indirect/non-financial support including a description of the nature of the support.
  • A list of patient organizations that we have engaged to provide significant contracted services, including a description of the nature of the services provided, along with the total amount contributed per patient organization.