Our ADP-A2M4 (MAGE-A4) SPEAR T-cell therapy is directed to a member of the MAGE family of cancer testis antigen expressed in a number of solid tumor cell types. The MAGE- A4 antigen is among the most commonly expressed cancer testis antigens. The clinical study for our ADP-A2M4 SPEAR T-cell is a phase I, open label, dose escalation study designed to evaluate the safety and anti-tumor activity in certain patients with urothelial (bladder) cancers, melanoma, head and neck cancer, ovarian cancer, NSCLC, esophageal cancer, gastric cancers, synovial sarcoma, and Myxoid Round Cell Liposarcoma (MRCLS).


Target Indications Target dose (Cohort) 5 BN+
100 M (1) 1 BN (2) 5 BN (3)
ADP-A2M4 MAGE-A4 Multiple Solid Tumor (Bladder, Melanoma, Head & Neck, Ovarian, NSCLC, Esophageal, Gastric, Synovial Sarcoma, MRCLS)
100 M (1) Phase complete
1 BN (2) Phase complete
5 BN (3) Phase complete
5 BN+ (expansion) Phase in progress
Registration studies Phase not started