Adaptimmune has an industry-leading technology platform which enables identification of targets, engineering and selection of T-cell receptors to targets and the preclinical screening of our end T-cell therapies. Our technology platform gives us a unique ability to drive T-cell therapies forward to the clinic whilst minimising the risk of cross-reactivity to healthy and non-target tissue. The platform has been developed over 15 years by leading experts in immune-oncology and T-cell receptors.

Our scientists work meticulously to maximize the potency and specificity of all of our SPEAR TCR therapeutics, and screen them to minimize the risk of cross reactivity to healthy and non-target tissue. This integrated and proprietary technology platform has been developed over more than 10 years by leading experts in the field of T-cell based therapeutics.

Our proprietary identification system provides target peptides specifically expressed in tumors and not in normal tissue. This process includes (a) analysis of presentation of the relevant target peptides in cancer cells; (b) screening for presentation of the relevant target peptide in healthy tissue to ensure minimal risk of cross-reactivity; and (c) validation of presentation on the cancer cell surface.

Once the target peptide has been identified and validated, we can generate an engineered TCR therapeutic candidate from natural TCRs. Our internal process includes:

  • Rapid identification and cloning of TCRs, deriving engineered TCRs capable of binding to any selected target cancer peptide;
  • Development of multiple stable, soluble engineered TCRs using our proprietary di-sulfide bond methodology;
  • Utilization of a proprietary phage display system to select engineered TCRs with maximum potency and specificity from a large, diversified library.

We have developed a proprietary preclinical screening program that seeks to minimize any potential off-target binding or cross-reactivity, with a key goal of improving the safety profile of our product candidates while maximizing their potency. Our proprietary preclinical screening program is split into the following stages:

  • Molecular analysis to systematically identify peptides within the human body that are similar to the target cancer peptide and which therefore might be bound by the affinity-enhanced engineered TCR;
  • Human cell testing to assess whether the affinity-enhanced engineered TCR binds to samples of normal cells and whole blood samples.